Adaptive E-commerce Platforms For Websites and Mobile Applications


Are you aware of the latest statistics? A significant majority of online purchases are now being made through smartphones. Consequently, many retailers are increasing their investments in mobile-friendly websites to retain and attract customers.

Conversely, there are those who question whether the creation of a mobile app is necessary, especially when they have already developed a mobile-friendly website. The debate arises: what is the superior platform for e-commerce, a mobile website, or an app?

In this blog post, accent Infotech, renowned as the premier Web Development Company in Hosur, disclose the hidden advantages of both Responsive E-commerce Websites and Mobile Apps.

Adaptive E-commerce Websites

Better Customer Experience

Retailers without a mobile-friendly website are missing out on half of the e-commerce market. The truth is, a majority of shoppers anticipate a multi-channel, multi-device experience.

Brand Visibility and SEO

In today's digital landscape, websites optimized for mobile-friendliness receive higher rankings in search engine results compared to their counterparts. Given their elevated rankings, mobile-friendly sites experience a surge in website traffic, heightened brand visibility, and increased sales.

One of the easiest ways you can do to improve your site’s mobile-friendliness is hiring an E-Commerce Development Company in Hosur, helps you to increase your brand visibility.

Some individuals prefer websites over apps.

Investing in a high-performing, responsive webpage that delivers an exceptional user experience is equally essential as developing an app.

Mobile App

Loyalty Addition

Statistics reveal that a majority of customers prefer using mobile applications, with a remarkable 89% of consumer activity concentrated in this domain. A well-designed mobile app possesses the potential to draw in exceptionally loyal customers, offering them a more convenient and make content experience.

While using the mobile app, they offer discounts to customers not only based on purchasing patterns, several elements as well, such as location, geography, interests and more.

Mobile apps will continue to grow

Without a doubt, eCommerce apps will continue to flourish alongside the expansion of the digital world. Increasingly, retailers are accept mobile payment systems as the preferred method for facilitating purchases.

Mobile apps also enhance in-store experiences by seamlessly merging digital catalogs with the retailer's physical store, thereby enhancing the overall customer journey. These digital catalogs play a pivotal role in boosting sales by furnishing potential customers with valuable product information convert to their preferences. If you're seeking assistance in creating a mobile app for your business, you can engage our Mobile App Development services in Hosur.

Consumers like e-commerce Apps

Mobile apps enable retailers to engage with potential customers, a challenge that many retailers struggle with as they seek non-imposing ways to connect with their customer base.

Furthermore, these apps come supply with features that authorize merchants to dispatch push notifications regarding sales, discounts, updates, and new product arrivals, proving highly effective in stimulating customer engagement.

Which One is better?

At a fundamental level, both responsive eCommerce websites and mobile apps share similar functionalities. However, their roles in sales differ significantly. In the context of consumer product searches, a mobile website excels.

For retailers aiming to boost their revenue while cultivating a loyal customer base, investing in both a mobile app and a mobile-responsive eCommerce website proves to be a worthwhile undertake.